About us ...

Actually, it all began back in 1962 . . .

. . . when our father with his best friend decided to emigrate to Australia.

England 1962, Xmas Eve and it was pouring with rain. As usual, the Brits either go dancing or celebrate with a party. That year our father was invited to a party and due to the terrible weather, friends asked him to drive a few miles and pick up a young German “au pair” girl who was spending her first Xmas evening alone. He did but we understand he practically ignored her the whole evening. Of course, with the rain still coming down, he had to take her home after midnight and all he got for his troubles was a kiss on his cheek.

It wasn’t until February the following year that they met again. Actually, our father thinks he was tricked into it. However, a romance blossomed but by this time he already had a boat ticket in his pocket to emigrate to Australia. But, as the story goes, he changed his mind and moved to Germany instead, where he is still residing.

Australia was never forgotten and after a family visit some 30 years later David said goodbye to Germany and has lived in Australia ever since. With Frances on one side and David on the other side of the world we can combine our knowledge and create exciting tours to match most customer wishes.

We guess we all have Australia in our blood.

Warum Australien und/oder Neuseeland?

Both countries are indescribable:

>   indescribably beautiful

>   indescribably fascinating

>   indescribably adventurous

>   indescribably exciting

>   indescribably tolerant ...

... and since a description does not do them justice, you should explore & experience them yourself!

We love ... AND ... We live Australia & New Zealand. Let yourself be infected by our passion.

The German director of DreamAroo tours the fifth continent yearly for a few months, the Australian partner has lived Down Under for more than 25 years.

It is a matter close to our hearts to introduce you and others to Down Under - and to infect you a little with our Australia / New Zealand madness.

Australia and New Zealand has become a very popular destination for many holiday makers in particular for active vacationers, explorers and emigrants. A part of the world for superlatives and contrasts that are constantly in motion. Overwhelming lands of vastness that enchant the visitor with the most incredible colours: from the lush green of the rainforests to the cornflower blue of the ocean to the mystical red of the great deserts and the shining gold of the grass in the outback.

Australia and New Zealand have a total of 20 world cultural and natural heritage sites. But known mostly only for their most famous sights such as Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef or the Tongariro National Park (NZ). Who knows, for example, the islands of the Whitsundays, Stewart Island (NZ) or Lord Howe Island? Or the secret places of the Aborigines and Māoris, where every rock, every tree and every inconspicuous animal often have a vital importance?


Why travel with DreamAroo?

At DreamAroo, our focus is on being ourselves: we are authentic, honest and open minded people.

We specialize not only in offering the already well-known sights, but for 25 years we have been continuously searching to show you the original, exciting and extraordinary "real" Australia & New Zealand.

Our partners are very often and consciously smaller family-run providers who - just like us - love and offer something special.

We make your dream of Australia & New Zealand come true. Whether it be extravagant, exclusive, luxurious or particularly adventurous.

Follow your inner compass to Australia & New Zealand

All trips are planned by us with you in mind, personally and individually. We are with you all the way: during the planning, your trip and afterwards. With offices in Germany and Australia you always have a competent contact person.

We'll show you the way to Australia and New Zealand's most exciting people, experiences and destinations. Whether it's a chat with an Aboriginal or Māori, a tour in rubber boots over a sheep farm, a picnic on a sandbank or breakfast with the artists of the Sydney Opera. DreamAroo not only offers you the opportunity to get to know the most famous sights, but also to experience unusual insights and adventures that will make your vacation unforgettable.

Each route that we create for you contains countless experience and years of knowledge of each individual destination. You benefit from the established relationships with our local partners, who offer you privileged access to special places and make every trip an unforgettable experience.

Let yourself be inspired by our ideas and create your trip with us.

We make sure that your very personal, very own dream becomes a reality.

Let yourself be infected by our passion and discover the real highlights of Australia and New Zealand with us.



What are you waiting for? You DREAM IT, we will MAKE IT HAPPEN


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