Sustainability in our world

Sustainability and Tourism

... not an easy topic and if we are honest, each of us asks ourselves over and over again whether these two topics fit together. Especially when we are talking about a long trip, because even when travelling on long-haul flights, the CO2 emission is quite high.

However, if we organize and plan our trips in such a way that they have a positive impact on the local population, flora and fauna and the environment, then tourism and sustainability can definitely work together. Furthermore, each individual can help to reduce CO2 emission or offset them through meaningful projects.

The topic of sustainability is becoming more and more an issue, not least because of the “Fridays for future movement”, and it is now more present than ever.

We go beyond sustainability into regenerative tourism practices.

Sometimes we wonder why?

>  Why is it not a matter of course that one respects nature, animals and those around us?

>  Why is it not natural to experience nature and its residents originally?

>  Why is it not natural to adapt to the culture of the country you are travelling to?

>  Why is it not a matter of course to take your garbage with you and to ensure that you don't produce a lot of garbage in the first place?

Sustainability should naturally be a matter of course for everyone as it is for DreamAroo!

It is a matter of course for us and has been since our childhood, because that's how we grew up: With respect for nature, the environment and all of its inhabitants!


We wanted to organize trips where our customers could come into contact with nature, culture and the locals. We wanted to get away from mass tourism and move towards "off the beaten track". We have always attached great importance to supporting the locals and not the big corporations around the world.

Aside from sustainability, it's also much more pleasant, e.g. sailing on the Great Barrier Reef with a local family and not a ship that takes 300 passengers on board! Or to spend the night in a nice boutique hotel or bed & breakfast rather than in a global hotel chain.

Our hosts and providers attach great importance to regional and seasonal food, which they often grow themselves or purchase from local farmers.

Furthermore, (almost) all of our providers are involved in the "Eco Tourism Program".

Eco Tourism Programm

Ecotourism Australia defines Ecotourism as “ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation”.

Ecotourism aims to preserve the integrity of the destination. Its focus is on conserving the local environment and historical heritage, while supporting the culture and encouraging people to look after the natural resources that attracts them to the region.

Honesty and Openness

We cannot always guarantee that providers are 100% sustainable. The journey alone, the domestic flights and one or the other excursion (helicopter, seaplane) are not always sustainable. We also book a larger hotel if our guests prefer.

However, we discuss all bookings with our customers in detail beforehand. Inform them about alternatives and present "Citizen Science Projects". These projects create opportunities to combine sustainability with a great experience, learning and helping science.

We ensure that e.g. reusable water bottles are used on our group trips and plastic is avoided.

We give tips on the options you can use to offset your CO2 emissions.

This is just a small excerpt of our way of dealing with the topic of sustainability. Because one thing is certain for us:

Sustainability and environmental awareness are a matter of course for us and should be for everybody!

Lassen Sie uns gemeinsam die Welt fĂŒr uns und vor allem fĂŒr unsere Kinder wieder besser machen.

A small contribution to give something back to our common world. We support the following non-profit organizations.

In addition to those listed below, we indirectly support many other charities through our partners.

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